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My new tutorial book is now available for Pre-orders online! Pre-order your copy here:…

Also available on Amazon here:…

-£12.99 ($21.21 USD)
-Releases september 30th
-176 pages full color
-364 NEW illustrations
-7.5 x 0.6 x 9.2 inches

Ive been working on this beautiful baby for the last 2 years, it is my first professionally published book, please support me by preordering a copy! Its FULL of full color illustrations and walkthroughs, if you cannot afford to buy a copy please reblog and share! It is a huge help to me!

“A complete course in drawing emotive and accurate figures in the distinctive manga style.

The big book to start you drawing manga-style. A fantastic book that is absolutely packed with clear information and instructions on drawing figures in the manga style, whether you’re a seasoned comic artist or just picking up a pencil for the first time.

This book takes a practical approach to cover a huge field. Working from the absolute basics through drawing, inking and leading on to multiple different colouring media, it provides a complete course in manga figures.”
Hey everyone! Its getting into the holiday season again, so its time for this year's community-wide Holiday Art Swap! :holly:

Its been an annual event on :devart: since 2006. Some of the previous years have seen several hundred artists participate, but since :devart: has been a little quieter than usual these days we need your help to make the event bigger and better than ever!

The event is fully hosted on its own page at :iconholidayartswap:

How does it work? Its easy: Participants are paired up randomly and do a gift art trade with each other. The gifts don't have to be holiday themed, you can request anything your partner is comfortable with doing. So if that's something you would be interested in taking part in, then please feel free to sign up (see link at the bottom).

Who can join in? While the event is open to any kind of illustrator, it is also open to writers, handcraft artisans, photographers, 3D artists, and others (anyone creative). It can be tricky to fulfill some wishes, but it was really neat seeing artisans creating items like homemade scarves for their partners, photographers taking special shots for theirs, even writers creating short stories or poetry.

What is this event for? Its all in the spirit of giving to fellow artists, having fun and being sociable. Oftentimes its a great opportunity to make new friends and get to know artists and other creative people whom you might not have seen or spoken with before.

Now here's the thing: Signup is only open until December 3rd, 2015


If you have any questions about the event, the event blog is also a good place to leave them for the organizers.

And if you decide to participate, we recommend joining the group itself or adding it to your devwatch (especially the group's journals) so that you don't miss out on any updates. The entire event will take place on the HolidayArtSwap group itself.
Going to San Diego Comic Con this week?

Professional illustrator Allison Sohn will host a “How To Draw” panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday, July 19th from 11am-12:15pm.

Join her in Room 2 to learn how she illustrates with Copics, with a color Copic marker focus. Copic has also donated 2 sets of markers for her to give away during the panel.

Be sure to swing by Copic  on the convention floor at booth #4928 as well!

And you can visit Allison here on DevArt at :iconallisonsohn:
We hope everyone has a great holiday with family and/or friends, wherever they may be!

Take care, enjoy yourselves, and be safe!

All the best to and from everyone at :iconthe-color-of-copics: :holly:
vagcat is hosting a contest for fourteen free copic markers. The contest ends on January 25, 2012, and it is very easy to enter! More information can be found here:…

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